Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

You're SO CLOSE to a Breakthrough Moment (Not Every Rejection is the Same)

August 01, 2023 Andy
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
You're SO CLOSE to a Breakthrough Moment (Not Every Rejection is the Same)
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You likely have no idea just how close you are to making it. Just don't quit.

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Speaker 1:

These and gentlemen, andy, here I went from depressed and suicidal to living a life of abundance and joy. If I can do it, you sure as hell can too. When it comes to hitting on women, guys often see rejection as Binary. She either said no or she said yes. But often when a woman says no, it isn't a hard no, it's more like a 50% no or a 75% no or a 20% no. She might have been very close to saying yes, but she didn't quite get there and so she said no. Other times it's just a not. Right now, as in, i'm busy, i have a lot of stuff going on, and if you had happened to have met that woman at a different time or on a different day Or at a different stage in her life, she would have said yes and. And often we can't see how close, or we can't see that we are very close to what I call a breakthrough Moment, where all of a sudden women just start saying yes a hell of a lot more. Often you're so close to that moment where it just becomes a lot easier and you get a lot more yeses and You're so close. But you just need to keep improving and working on yourself. It's right around the corner. But even though you're so close to that breakthrough moment where you start getting all of these yeses, you don't know that because all you see is, well, i'm still getting a lot of no's You can't see that a lot of those knows yes, they might be a no, but they're starting to become, at least in the woman's mind. Maybe I'd almost say yes to you, but ah, no, thank you. You're often so much closer to that breakthrough moment where this starts getting easier than you think you are. A Lot of the time. We call that, you know, looks threshold. I call it the breakthrough moment where this shit just starts getting easier. And this applies to business as well, it applies to almost everything. And often you're so close to that breakthrough moment and Some of the girls who are saying no to you they might be so unbelievably close to saying yes They're literally thinking shit, i might say yes, but he's just like a little bit overweight. I kind of wish I could say yes because he sounds great, but I'll just say no. Or maybe she's thinking you know, his pictures are decent, like not bad, but there's this other guy that I'm talking to whose pictures are a little bit better, so I guess I'll go with that guy instead. And the answer is obviously keep improving. Lose a little bit of weight, take better tinder pictures, go out there and talk to more women So you become more confident. Dress slightly better if we're talking about business. Do more content. Aim to make it 1% better with every little bit of content that you do and all of a sudden, just through that process of Iteration, iterating on yourself and improving yourself, the floodgates will just magically open. You'll hit that breakthrough moment where it starts to work. You start to get momentum and you start getting a ton more yeses from women or from clients. And because you were so close to that breakthrough moment and even though you thought a ton of girls were saying no, you didn't realize that their nose were very close to a yes. You didn't know how fucking close you were. So not all knows are created equally. A Lot of knows are really close to a yes and you just need to keep improving, just even a tiny bit more or tweak one tiny little thing that you've been doing, and all of a sudden it starts kicking in. Everything changes and you start getting the results that you've been wanting. All of this is to say, if you're not having the results that you want with dating, with business. You're often so fucking close to that beautiful breakthrough moment where people start saying yes to you, but you can't see it. You have no idea how close you are and I have seen so many people on the forums, i have seen people in YouTube comments, i've seen people who just are so unbelievably close to that breakthrough moment Where they're about to make it and you can see it. You can see the momentum starting to build and it's so fucking Painful. When I watched those guys quit and I know if they had just hung in there for another month, another three months, they would have made it. In other words, what I want you to do is keep throwing yourself into self-improvement, improvement. Aim to be one percent better every week. Talk to more women, do more content, talk to more potential clients. Whatever your goals, i just do more and just have faith that you will get there. I, i promise you will.