Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

Invite Girls Back - They Like to Feel Wanted!

August 11, 2023 Andy
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
Invite Girls Back - They Like to Feel Wanted!
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Ever been tongue-tied or anxious about inviting a date back to your place? This episode is for you.

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Speaker 1:

Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of my content falls into the category of me giving you permission or a little bit of a gentle nudge towards the things that you might want to do. And a lot of you guys especially have goals, you know, especially with dating and getting laid and sex and all that fun stuff that you really want, but you're sort of nervous to do it or you're a little bit worried that maybe you'll get rejected or maybe she won't want to do it and you're kind of worried about what might happen. And that especially comes up when it comes time to that moment when you're inviting her back to your place. You know, maybe you've been on a date, maybe a couple of dates, you've had a great time, she seems to be enjoying herself, you're really into her and you want to invite her back and move things forward towards sex, but you're sort of nervous to do it. You're nervous to fall around, you're nervous to take things towards the next step. I have covered this topic a hell of a lot, especially on my YouTube channel, and, by the way, if you're not following my content on YouTube, I highly recommend you go over there. It's Kill your Inner Loser on YouTube and I have a ton of content that's not on this podcast, so go check that out. But I talk a lot about how girls want you to ask them out. They want you to invite them back to your place. They want to have sex with you Otherwise they wouldn't be on a date with you and inviting them back even if they say no, like even if they say not tonight which, by the way, if they do say no, you just try again on the next date and then the date after that. So it's not like it's even a hard no, sometimes it will be, but most of the time when she's saying no, it's just not right now I'm a little bit nervous, I don't want to do it tonight, but she'll happily sleep with you on the next date or the date after that. But even if she says no, just inviting them back makes them feel validated, it makes her feel pretty, it makes her feel desired, she feels wanted, she feels nice. It's essentially a really nice compliment that you're giving her, you're letting her know or you're showing her that you liked her enough to want her to come back with you, that you want to take things further with her. Believe it or not, women have a lot of insecurities too, probably more than guys most of the time, and often you know, especially if you're a guy that doesn't have a lot of dating or sex experience and maybe you haven't had a whole lot of conversations with women where you ask them this question. But if you ask them, you know what are you unsure about, what are you insecure about? They'll tell you all sorts of things. They'll tell you that they want to have, they want you to have a good time on the date. They want to make sure they're doing a good job for you. They want you to like them. They want to know that you find them attractive. They may be a little bit insecure and worried that they might make a fool of themselves or say something wrong. You know all of the insecurities that we as men have, women have, and again, I my personal experience has been most of the girls that I've dated are more insecure and have more doubts and fears and all of that. And so inviting her back you know a lot of the time as a guy you think, man, if I'm inviting her back, that's just me trying to get what I want. It's like, no, that's nice for her too. It's telling her hey, I think you're doing a good job on this date. Hey, I think you're interesting enough that I want you to come back with me. Hey, you're definitely attractive enough that I want to take things further with you. So the next time you're sort of sitting there a little bit nervous to invite her back or maybe you're at your apartment but you're nervous to take that next step Sort of put yourself in her mindset a little bit and think about maybe the some of the things that she might be insecure about you know, wanting to feel pretty, wanting you to like her, and all of that kind of stuff and frame it in your head as me inviting her back, even if she ultimately says no, this is me doing a nice thing for her, this is me giving her a compliment, this is me telling her or showing to her I think you're attractive. So just something to think about. The next time you're sort of sitting there in your own head which I know it's so easy to be in your own head, god knows, I've been there a million times. I still, to this day, get in my own head, not so much about dating and women and sex, but with other things, with coaching, with whether or not I'm doing a good job with these podcasts for you guys, whether or not I'm giving you enough value all sorts of things. Being in your own head is such a human thing, but one of the things that can pull you out of your head, you know, in this particular case is just thinking maybe this would be a nice thing for her. I can make her feel pretty by inviting her back and even if she says no, cool, I still showed her that I think she's pretty, I think she's cool, I'm having a fun time with her. One of the biggest female fantasies, or the biggest thing that turns women on, is to feel wanted. Pretty much every single woman on the planet will tell you that the thing that turns them on the most is knowing that a guy wants her, and so if you invite her back, you are literally giving that to her. 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