Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

Supercharge Your Life: Now's the Right Time! (Insane Coaching Deal)

August 15, 2023 Andy
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
Supercharge Your Life: Now's the Right Time! (Insane Coaching Deal)
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Are you ready to step up and experience the transformational power of intensive coaching? What if you could turbocharge your life in just 18 weeks?

COACHING DEAL: Right now we've got a crazy good coaching deal - you'll get 18 WEEKS instead of the usual 12 weeks, if you sign up in the next 3 weeks and pay in full. Don't miss out:


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Speaker 1:

Do you know what I hear from time to time when someone wants to sign up for the coaching program that I offer, but they're a little bit nervous, so they got some hesitations. I hear this from time to time now is not the right time, or I will do it in a few months, or I just need to do this little bit thing first, and then I will do it. Or I don't quite have all the money yet, I'll put it together and then I'll sign up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is your call to action Right now. For the next three weeks, if you sign up for the coaching program and pay it in full, you will get 18 weeks instead of the usual 12. Stop and think about that. For a second 18 fucking weeks of hardcore me and the rest of the coaches in the program coaching you, helping you, being there for you, offering you all of our love, all of our support, all of our motivation. A kick up the arse, if that's what you need. A kind, welcoming community, if that's what you need. Think about how much you could turbocharge your entire life if you spend the next 18 weeks going all in with your goals, whether that is making money Right now. We've got about five guys in the coaching program who are literally just there to make money, and countless other people in the Discord channel that we have. That's part of the coaching program Right now. If your goal is to improve your sex life and get laid a lot, half of the guys in the program are literally working on that right now. We've had a guy that has lost his virginity. We've had a couple of guys that have gone from only ever having had sex with one or two women to now we've got one guy, a God, that's just starting to have threesomes and getting into that. Whatever your goals might be whether that's peace, love, happiness, money, your body, happiness, getting laid, finding a relationship we even have two guys in the coaching program right now that I and the other coaches are helping to be better fathers. These two guys are both fathers and we are giving them all of the tools and the philosophies and things to help them connect with their children more, to be more masculine, to have that more stoic center inside themselves that their kids can then feel a lot more calm and stoic around. Whatever your goals might be, we would absolutely love to have you in the coaching program and for fuck's sake. I say this a million times how long are you going to wait before you demand the best of yourself? That's a quote from Epictetus, one of my favorite stoics. How many of you listening right now have just been fucking procrastinating, going all in? You want to sign up for the coaching program. You want someone. I mean hell, it's actually a bunch of people. You want a bunch of people, including myself, to be there for you. You would give anything to have a community of like-minded guys that will push you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. But you've just been fucking waiting, and for no particular reason. You know the excuses that you're using a bullshit, now's not the right time. Bullshit, I don't have enough money. Then find the fucking money. I've said this a million times. I took out a $10,000 bank loan when I lived in my old city so that I could move to the center of my city and go all in on getting laid. I literally took out a $10,000 loan. I took out a $30,000 loan so that I could pay the rent to really go all in with this coaching thing. Don't make excuses. You know. I say this all the time. Every problem has a solution. Look for some fucking solutions. Maybe you've been making the excuse of I don't know if I belong in a hardcore coaching program. I'm telling you you fucking do. If you're listening to this podcast, you are already in the top 1% of people in society. You already want something more than the average person does. I promise you you absolutely deserve the life that you want. But how long are you gonna keep making these shitty excuses? There is not going to be a better time than right this second again 18 weeks. If you sign up now and pay in full, 18 fucking weeks, I'm not gonna offer this for very long. This is only for the next three weeks. Now is the time. I'm also overtime putting my prices up. My coaching program started I mean god, it started at like $900, but you know, even over the last six months, I put it up from 5000 to $10,000. I'm going to continue putting it up Over the next, you know, six months. It's going up to $20,000. I've said that countless times. Save yourself 10,000 fucking dollars right now and get 18 weeks instead of 12 weeks and stop making those lame excuses. I want to see you guys win and I'm seeing so many of you that are just making dumb excuses, you know, especially the money one is the dumbest excuse that I've ever heard and I used to make this dumb excuse myself and then at some point I realized you know, this is an Alex homoze quote we all get taxed at 100% when we die and I like to think in terms of you know, when I'm an old man, when I'm there on my deathbed, or when I'm an old man, am I really gonna be glad that I saved 10,000 fucking dollars if it meant that I didn't get the life that I wanted, or I had to wait like five years longer to get the things that I wanted? Like no, for $10,000. And that's some of what I see some of you bargaining with you, like I want to save $10,000. What the fuck like it's? It's just messed up, wild priorities. So if you have been considering coaching, if you have wanted to go all in with getting laid or making money or self improvement or happiness or whatever the hell it might be, now is the time, not a month from now, not six months from now, not when you get more money together. No, stop making excuses. Do whatever you need to do to get the money together, and I can help you with that, by the way, we also have payment plans. But you obviously won't get the 18 weeks if you take a payment plan. You'll just get the usual 12, which is still a metric fuck ton of time, plus the rest of your life in the discord group with all of the other coaches and all of the other clients. You know a brotherhood of people to push you. But don't make excuses. Look for solutions. I have solved so many of these problems myself and I'm not going to be particularly patient. I'm not going to respect anyone that says, oh, I have this excuse, I have this thing in my way. No, look for a solution. Stop making excuses. Now is the fucking time. Let's get you that life that you want and that I know you fucking deserve. There is a link in the description or the show notes below. Click that. I will jump on a call with you and we will make this shit happen. You deserve an amazing life. Stop fucking procrastinating it. Let's do this thing.