Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

I Have Failed More Times than You Have Even Tried

August 18, 2023 Andy
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
I Have Failed More Times than You Have Even Tried
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What does the journey to success look like? Brace yourself, as it is littered with failures, pitfalls, and rejections. 

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Speaker 1:

The difference between a master and a beginner is that the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. A lot of you might look at some of the things that I've done and some of the things that I've accomplished and say to yourself man, I really want those things, I wish I could be as competent as Andy or maybe somebody else that you might take advice from or respect. And I think there's a misunderstanding of what it means to be successful. I think a lot of people look at the expert or the person that's done something, the person that's achieved things, and they think that that person must never make mistakes. You know, they must always be super smooth and they must be perfectly competent. And then they look at themselves and they say, well, I am making all these mistakes, I'm failing a lot, I don't really know what I'm doing. I guess I'm not as good as the other person. I guess I'm not as good as this expert or this person that I look up to. What I want to sort of tell you here is running towards failure and embracing failure as part of this process of succeeding. Absolutely, speed runs your success. The quicker that you can fail, the quicker that you will actually succeed, and I think for a lot of people that's counterintuitive. How many of you listening right now are trying at all costs to just avoid failure? It's almost like you've forgotten why you're working on these goals in the first place, which is to succeed. You've forgotten about success. You've forgotten about what you want and you're so hyper focused on avoiding the thing that you don't want, which is failure or rejection. We call this having a losing mindset. You're just focusing on not losing, and when you do that, you can't really win because you're not focusing on winning. Engineers have a motto, which is fail quickly, and I really love this because that's them embracing or knowing that part of figuring something out or building something, part of success, is figuring out what doesn't work first. In other words, trying something a thousand times, figuring out that it didn't work all those thousand different times and trying something different each time, obviously, until you get to the thing that does work, and so the thing that you were terrified of, which is failure or rejection, that is the very thing that will lead to your success. And when you were trying to avoid failure, when you try not to get rejected, when you try to never make mistakes, you are literally avoiding the work. You are procrastinating the work. You need failure in order to have success. It is literally a mandatory step. I do not know anyone in the entire world, anyone ever, who has achieved something of note, who has achieved something big, something great. You know, something that takes months or years or decades to achieve. I don't know anyone who's done something big and hasn't ever failed lots of times. I also don't even like to use the word failure. I never call it a failure. It's a learning experience. How could it be a failure if you learned something? You know? To use the engineering example of failing quickly, you know we want to fail quickly. They're not even failing, they're just Figuring out what doesn't work so that they can hurry up and speed run towards finding out the thing that does work. And you listening a lot of you listening have been avoiding running towards failure. You're so utterly terrified of ever making a mistake or ever looking stupid or ever not being smooth that you are avoiding going all in because you're scared of it not working out. You've been avoiding the hard work that you know you need to put in if you want to have something amazing in your life or be something amazing. Be someone amazing. I want you to stop avoiding and start living the life that you actually want to live. Obviously, I am here to help. Let me fucking help you. Let me surround you with a group of ask kicking legends who will support you, who will inspire you, who will push you, who will help you grow and give you the things that you have always wanted. Come join my coaching program if you want, and we can help you embrace this failure, or this idea of failure, and not be so goddamn scared of rejection. Obviously, right now, if you sign up in the next three months sorry, the next three weeks and pay in full I've mentioned this quite a few times I will give you 18 weeks of life changing coaching instead of just the usual 12. Don't miss out. Now is the time. No more goddamn waiting. Click the link in the description below. I will jump on a call with you. We will help you become the man that you have always wanted to be. Stop running away from failure, stop avoiding rejection, stop playing not to lose and start playing to win winners. Don't avoid failure. In fact, winners fail a lot and that is why they succeed.