Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

If You Don't Feel MASCULINE Enough... (You Were NOT Masculine as a Child)

September 05, 2023 Andy
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
If You Don't Feel MASCULINE Enough... (You Were NOT Masculine as a Child)
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Four days. This is the amount of time you have left to grab my special coaching deal. So you will get 18 weeks of coaching instead of the usual 12 when you pay in full, but only for the next four days. There is a link in the description below. Click that and let's give you that life that you've always wanted. So I see a lot of guys holding themselves to crazy high standards when it comes to masculinity and being manly. They will compare themselves to other men that they look up to and they will beat themselves up if they ever fall short of those sky high masculine ideals of the so-called perfect man. And, like many things, my go-to answer is just give yourself permission to suck. You can kind of see masculinity as a skill that you can just level up. So if you just aim to be 1% more masculine every week, you can build that up gradually over time and you'll literally work on your masculinity and improve it as if it's just a skill, which it is. But there's something else that might help you to think about a little bit. Consider this Were you masculine as a child? And when I say that, I want you to actually pause and think about it. Like really, really, really stop and consider it when you were a small child or when you were a baby, on a scale of 1 to 10, how masculine were you? Were you strong? Were you stoic? Were you independent? Was your voice deep? You know? Whatever masculine traits that define masculinity for you? Were you those things as a child or as a baby? Probably not right. Like you know, not many of us were particularly masculine when we were shitting our pants in diapers and constantly crying whenever mommy or daddy left the room. That's not particularly masculine. We weren't particularly masculine when we just did whatever we were told and we deferred to others and we had no sense of independence. We had no agency or control over our own lives. We weren't exactly the beacons of masculinity or manliness. But obviously since then, since the time that you were wearing diapers and crapping your pants every day, you've probably improved. Like you're now more than a little bit better at being a manly man. Like you've literally leveled up the skill of masculinity. You're more masculine. So you have tangible proof that you are capable of becoming more masculine. In fact, you've been doing it your entire life, like improving your masculinity ever since you were a baby. It's a gradual process. You don't just wake up one day and now you're a man. Especially not in modern society. We don't have something called rites of passage, which a lot of other cultures do or some other cultures do and we used to have in the past. But there's no like defining moment of like. Now you're an adult, we have some kind of vague moments like that Like maybe it's the first time you have a drink of alcohol, maybe it's when you turn 18, or in the United States it might be when you turn 21. Maybe it's when you first move out of home, maybe it's when you first fall in love, or when you first get your heart broken, or when you get your first job, whatever it might be. But there's no like set in stone, agreed upon moment where you're now a masculine man or an adult, and so you've just been improving gradually over time at being masculine or being manly or, if you're a woman, listening at being an adult, and so all that's really left is to just keep improving like you already have been, to just keep doing what you've already been doing, and if you feel like you're not manly or masculine enough, just realize you are on a point or on a path of self improvement. You're becoming more masculine over time, and you have been your entire life and the mission is to just keep walking that path. And so anytime that voice pops up in your head, you know that voice that says I'm failing at being a man, or I'm not masculine enough, or you know I'm too much of a pussy, or whatever thoughts might come into your head Remember that as a child, you completely failed at being masculine. You were not masculine as a little baby, you just weren't. You weren't masculine in any capacity. And now you're already a lot more masculine, even if you're not where you currently want to be. That's okay. But you have improved and you will keep improving. And think about how much more masculine you'll be or how much more you can improve in another three or five or 10 or, hell, 20 years from now. You won't even recognize your old self. It'll be fucking amazing. And so take some of that pressure off yourself, right, take some of that pressure off your shoulders, as long as you're making just a little bit of progress every week or most weeks doesn't even have to be every week, but most weeks. That's what matters. And if you're obviously not making any progress, like if you genuinely take a step back and you're very rational about it and you say, no, like I literally am not making any progress. Okay, just change something. Like, take some small amount of action right now, just one baby step, and improve where you currently are in life. You have the rest of your life to become as masculine, as manly as you would like to be, and I promise you will get that. Wherever that destination might be for you, you're already on that path. You literally just need to keep going. Like I said, for the next four days, if you sign up for my coaching program and pay in full, you will get 18 weeks of coaching instead of the usual 12. If masculinity is something that's important to you, I'm there to help. So is Cam, so is Taylor and Ed and all the rest of the members of the group. We would love to work on this with you or whatever other goals you might have. There is a link in the description below. Now is the right time, guys. I say this all the damn time. This is definitely the right time coaching deal. It's right there for you. Let us get you that life that you want and, as always, ladies and gentlemen, go out there and crush those goals.