Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

Accept Where You Currently Are, Then Improve It (The Map Analogy)

September 07, 2023 Andy
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
Accept Where You Currently Are, Then Improve It (The Map Analogy)
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Hello, lovely boys and lovely girls, If you've been thinking of signing up for my coaching program, there are three days left to grab the deal where you get 18 weeks instead of the usual 12 if you pay in full. Again, that is only for the next three days. There is a link in the description below. Click that. Let's change your life. Let's get cracking. So how many times have you gotten frustrated, annoyed, angry at yourself, mad at the world, because maybe you're not where you want to be? You know, maybe you're putting all this pressure on yourself, you're thinking I should be further along, I should have achieved some things that I haven't achieved yet. You know, maybe you're getting down on yourself and saying I should be better than this. And when we do that, we're sort of arguing with reality, or we're arguing with the current state of where we currently are. We're arguing with the present moment, which is essentially reality, and so we're saying I'm not at my destination yet, and that is bad, even though that's literally the current reality. And so if you kind of think about how like mapping software works like Google Maps, apple Maps, whatever you start by telling it where you want to go your destination, obviously and then what you have to do for it to give you directions is you have to tell it where you are right now. It cannot give you directions unless you say I am currently at this point, at this location and that current location is just as important or just as meaningful as the destination and with our goals. We will sit there and sort of beat ourselves up and say I'm not at this destination, I'm not where I want to be. You know, I shouldn't be mad, I shouldn't be at my current location. You're essentially getting mad at your current location Instead of seeing it as an important part of that. You know directions to get from point A to point B. We have to know where point A is. We have to know where you currently are. We have to admit and that's why we talk a lot on this channel about like humility, because it can take some humility. It can be very fucking humbling to say I'm not where I want to be or I haven't achieved some of the things that I would like to achieve in the future, or, you know, I'm not 100% happy with my current state of being. That can be very scary. That can require a lot of humility and we often cover that up, we self-medicate, we argue with that. We have all of these tools that we try and use to be okay with the fact that we're not where we want to be and, by the way, there's nothing wrong with not being where you want to be. That's kind of the point of this channel. But when you sit there and argue with it, or you yell at yourself or you yell at other people, or you yell at the universe or God or like all of this kind of stuff. If you blame other people and say, well, you know, my parents didn't love me enough. Well, you know, the universe made me short. Well, I don't have enough money in my bank account. Well, you know, I'm sad. Well, you know, blah, blah, blah, whatever it might be, when we argue with the current location that we are in life, in space, in whatever the hell this weird thing called life is, we're denying the fact, that we're denying ourselves the opportunity, I would say, to then progress to our goal. So again, bring it back to mapping software. We need that current location as much as we need that in destination in order to make some progress. And all that time that we're spending arguing with reality, all that time that we're spending beating ourselves up and saying I shouldn't be here, I should be better than this, I should have made more progress. What's wrong with me, like all of that kind of stuff? When you're getting mad at your current location, when you're saying I shouldn't be here, I should be at my destination instead, or I should be a little closer to my destination, you are literally arguing with reality and you're wasting time. You're ironically just inserting an extra step that almost blocks you or gets in the way of reaching your goals. Do you know how many people don't reach their goals because they sit there and spend their entire life getting mad at the fact that they haven't reached their goals? And instead of just humbling themselves and that's why I say it can take a lot of humility, it can be quite difficult and I get that but instead of humbling themselves and saying, okay, I'm gonna give myself permission to suck, or it's even I'm gonna give myself permission to, I'm gonna admit that I suck. And it's not that you suck, that's not a value judgment. But when I say give yourself permission to suck, it's sort of an unburdening. It's supposed to be or I intend it to be a freeing feeling of like oh God, okay if I suck, that's okay. If I'm not where I wanna be, that's okay. And the truth is the universe, or life or whatever the universe, can't get you to your destination if you don't tell it where you currently are. If you don't admit and that's why I say give yourself permission to admit if you feel like you suck If you don't admit where you currently are sitting, how the hell can you expect life or the universe, or me or anybody else or whatever it is, to get you to your destination? You're literally saying, hey, can you please get me to my destination? And we go, sweet, where are you? We, the universe, go sweet, where are you right now? I'll come pick you up and you go oh, I'm not where I should be. And we go okay, that's fine. Where are you? So I can come and pick you up and help you get to your destination? I can't. I'm somewhere fucking shit. I really shouldn't be. I'm a fucking loser for being here. This is awful. Yeah, okay, that's fantastic. Where are you Like? Where the fuck are you? So I can give you some advice and help you get to your destination. Tell me where you are so I can tailor my advice to you and tell you what to do next. I can't tell you what the next step is if you don't tell me where you are right now. And then you reply yeah, I'm somewhere. Really shit, man Like this is awful. I hate being here. I should be at my bro. Why am I not at my destination right now? Everybody else is at their destination. I'm a fucking loser for not being at my destination. And then you go okay, fine, I can't help you. And there will be in your life so many people that want to help you. I'm obviously one of them. But there are so many people that want to help you, but if you're not admitting where you currently are, they don't even. First of all, they don't even know that you might want help. Second of all, if you just sit there and say I'm not good enough for not being at my destination, they're like well, I don't know how to get you to your destination. I don't know what advice to give you because I don't know where you are right now. You're just telling me you're where you shouldn't be, but you're not telling me where you actually are. And that's why I say the very first step of success is give yourself permission to suck, and the next two, I just take some baby steps every day, just work on taking some little bits of progress, or making some little bits of progress towards your goal, and then just don't quit. But that first one give yourself permission to suck. If you don't do that, if you say I shouldn't suck, or I do suck but I really shouldn't be here, I shouldn't fucking suck. What's wrong with this? No, like, giving yourself permission to suck means fully accepting that, surrendering to that, being okay with that, making peace. You don't have to make complete peace, but make a little bit of peace and go okay, fine, I'm here. Okay, I'm fucking here. I want to be somewhere other than here, but I'm here. I'm going to accept that current reality, for right now I guess I am here. I can't just snap my fingers and wish that I wasn't here. I'm here Now. How do I start taking some steps towards where I would like to be? That's the first step. And so let's get honest, let's tell the truth, let's have some integrity about where we currently are, instead of sitting there and arguing against that current reality. Then, and only then, can we then input a destination into the mapping software of life and go okay, I'm going to start that journey towards my destination. So I want you all to take a deep breath. Maybe pause this video, take a deep breath and if you're not happy with your current situation, or if you want something more, hey, that's beautiful. That's what this channel is for. That's why I'm here, that's why I have coaching. But take that deep breath and be okay with where you are right now. Okay, like, even if in the future you would like to be somewhere else, find some peace in the fact that this is a just a destined. This is a journey, not a destination. Okay, be okay with being right here in this moment in time. Now, that doesn't mean that you want to stay in this moment in time, but the current reality is this is your current situation, like, this is where you are. This is what I refer to when I say give yourself permission to suck. It's okay, I'm maybe I suck a little bit right now, and that doesn't mean I'm bad. You know, sucking isn't about bad. I use the word suck with a lot of love. You know I suck. Hey, welcome to the human race. I'm just a human. I'm not perfect. There's some love and freedom in that, and so I'm inviting you to be okay with sucking, like, be okay with it. I suck all the time. Do you guys have any idea? Do you guys and girls have any idea how often I suck? How often I do something and it just does not go the way that I expected? Or I just fall flat on my face and I go, wow, holy shit, I got some learning to do. I got some growing to do. Oh my God, this was very humbling. I love that because it's where I am. Why would I love the current location any less than the destination? They're both just two points on a map and yet when it comes to goals, we just say that point A is bad, where I am right now is bad, and when I get to my goal, that would be good and I've talked about this concept a million times no, what will happen is you will get to your destination. You'll say, yeah, this is good, and then, three months later or six months later, or even a week later for some people, you will say, okay, I'm not happy with this current location anymore. Where's the next location? And that's beautiful. That's part of the human race, that's the human spirit. We're always trying to do more, achieve more, be more, love more, grow more, learn more. I love that. That's probably my favorite part of the human race is we're always thirsty for adventure, for knowledge, for growth. But what it does mean is that might come with or you might be very tempted to always dislike the current location that you're at at any moment in time or at any place in space. And so it's sort of an arguing or you're getting annoyed at your current time and location in space, like you're literally arguing that I'm in this fixed point in space, at this fixed point in time, I shouldn't be here. It's like well, you are, and if you spend your entire life arguing with that and getting frustrated that you're not where you just magically wish you were, that you haven't reached certain goals yet, you're gonna spend your entire life unhappy. You're going to train yourself to be unhappy all the time. This is why I talk a lot about love and enjoying the present moment and appreciating our goals and gratitude and all of these kind of things. These are all really nice ways of bringing you back to the present moment. This is something that Buddhism talks about a lot. This is something that a hell of a lot of Christian and spiritual teachers throughout the last couple of centuries have, well, the last couple of thousand years, I should say, have embraced and talked about a lot. A lot of the spiritual teachers talk about this stuff. A lot of anyone that just has gotten to a certain point in their life talks about. They say, hey, you know what? I'm going to start being grateful for the current moment. I don't need to look out there at external events and I don't need to look for future moments where I would just magically be happy. Yes, when you achieve things, that feels wonderful. Yes, when you achieve things, you celebrate and it's amazing, and there's all of that payoff. It's beautiful, but the journey is just as beautiful as that final moment. Yes, I know that that moment that you get to is the very sexy, glamorous, exciting thing. Wow, imagine when I lose all this weight. Imagine when I have all this sex. Imagine when I get this money. That's going to be amazing. Imagine when I have all these friends and I have respect. Imagine you know, I even do it myself sometimes. Imagine when I have 10,000 YouTube subscribers. Everybody will take me super seriously. Then Everything will be amazing. And, yes, those moments are beautiful. Otherwise, we wouldn't be working on goals, would we? We would all just sit at home in a cave back in the caveman days and we never would have made any progress. So goals are beautiful, but if you say I'm only going to be happy when I reach that goal or when I reach any of my goals, that moment where you reach that goal I'm telling you from experience, from having been doing this for like 10 or 15 years, 10 years when you reach that goal, that is a small moment in your timeline. You know, the day that I first had my first, my first threesome, let's pick that. That was a huge, monumental moment for me. That was one of the wildest sexual experiences of my life too. The first threesome. We had sex for like nine hours. I'm not even joking. I had to take several CLS pills and we had to take several breaks at multiple points, one of them and then the other one of them would fall asleep and I would just have sex with whichever. One woke up and, like I, fell asleep. It a little bit. It was just this like nine hour sex session until like 6 am in the morning or 7 am in the morning. It was wild and I thought, ok, this is the peak experience of my life. It doesn't get better than this. I felt the same when I had my first couple of coaching clients. I felt the same when the first person paid me $10,000 for a coaching call. I felt the same with so many of these moments and they are such beautiful, unbelievable moments that I am so deeply grateful for and I will hold on to for a fucking long time, probably until I die. And they're beautiful moments, but they were just that a moment. And then I come back to reality and now you get on with the job of the next goal and so you can see that this moment that's like a peak experience for me. You know, three sims, making $10,000 from a coaching client, like all of these things are probably mind blowing to some of you. They were to me. I never thought that any of these things would be possible at all. I can never woke up one day and was like, oh, I'm going to have a three sim. Fuck, no, I thought only cool people got to do that or, I don't know, sexy people or whatever idea I had in my head. I didn't think that would be me. I didn't think any of this stuff would be me ever. But those moments when I achieve those things and when I paid off and I was so excited that those moments last. For what? Like nine hours a day, you can kind of ride the high for a little bit. You ride the high for like a week maybe at the most, and then you come back to reality. You don't sit at like nirvana or an epiphany after a big goal forever at least most of us don't but the way that you sit in that beautiful feeling and it's not about chasing a high, it's sort of about coming back to the present moment that's how you feel, that same beautiful feeling that you get when you achieve something and saying like a three sim or a ton of money or whatever it might be that you want. You sit in that beautiful feeling by just coming back to the present moment. That's gratitude. Every day, which is something that I do you wake up and you say five things that you're grateful for and you really meditate on them. It's expressing love and joy to other people and feeling that in yourself. It's looking into your own eyes in the mirror. You know this is an exercise I give all of my clients and I talk about this all the time Look into your own eyes in the mirror and just get comfortable looking at yourself, being with yourself. You can try saying I love you to yourself if you're comfortable, try saying it if you're not comfortable. It's meditating, it's listening to music. It's just being okay with being here right now, in this journey, the self improvement journey of this journey through life. It's being okay with the present moment. That's how you feel that beautiful feeling consistently. You don't always have to be consistent, I don't feel it consistently, I'll be very clear on that but you bring yourself back to the present moment. In other words, no matter where you are on that journey. If you think about mapping software Google Maps, apple Maps or whatever, or an Uber think about taking an Uber. If you're halfway to your destination in the Uber, don't sit there and say this sucks, I can't wait to get. Okay. You can say I can't wait to get there, that's exciting. But try not to sit there and say this sucks, I hate being on this goddamn journey. Why am I not at the fucking party yet? It's like you'll be there when you're ready to be there. You will be there when the Uber gets you there, or in life, you will reach your abs, or your money or your sex life or whatever it is that you want. You will reach that when you reach that and, in the meantime, enjoy the process of getting there because, again, the payoff the moment where you actually reach your goal is just a really small moment in time. It might last for one week, but it might have taken you two years to achieve that goal. That is 104 weeks that it took you to achieve that goal and you get one week of payoff from that goal and obviously, like I said, you can keep being grateful for that goal. I wake up every day and I'm grateful for a million different things, so you can keep that going. But the high, the really amazing payoff the fireworks, the glamorous, sexy, exciting bit that you think is going to make you happy for the rest of your life that lasts for about a week or two and again, you're so grateful for that moment. And, yes, chase that moment. There's beauty in the chasing of that moment. Listen to what I just said. There is beauty in the chasing of that moment. In other words, every day you wake up and you have a mission or a purpose or something that gets you out of bed, that gets you excited. Be grateful for that Love, that feeling. Go, this is amazing. I can't believe I get to work on my goals. That's something I'm grateful for every day. I'm grateful that I get to wake up and work on my goals. That's cool, that's amazing. And so I'm inviting you, with all of this, to be okay with the process of getting towards your goals. Be okay with where you are in the current moment, because it's going to be I mean fuck, let's do the maths on that. I mean I don't need to do the maths on that. Actually, that works out pretty nicely. One week out of 104 weeks, because you know, I said it might take you 104 weeks to achieve some of your goals and you only get that high for one week. That works out to be slightly less than 1%. Look at those amazing maths skills. Slightly less than 1% of the time is reaching that high. So you are going to live 99% of your life not having reached your goals yet. Like your next go, because you're always going to be setting the next go. And I didn't even get that concept when I first got into self improvement. I literally thought if my penis just enters enough vaginas, I will be happy for the rest of my life. Like I literally thought that and fair enough. Like people told me that the community that I was in was so hyper focused on just sexuality. And that's beautiful Like I'm there's nothing wrong with hyper focusing on a goal, obviously but like there was no sort of talk of like, well, what are you guys going to do after you have sex? Like after you've handled your sex life and had a whole bunch of sex, what are you going to do next? There was, like no discussion on that whatsoever. That's something that we, this community, talk about a lot, like what you know. Sex is just one of the 10 billion goals that you could work on, the 10 billion things you could explore. You know, there's money, there's business, there's friendships, there's your body, there's spirituality, there's being kind of other people, there's making the world a slightly better place, there's all BDSM, all of these different aspects. But I genuinely thought if I just have a lot of sex, I'll be happy for the rest of my life. And what happened is I spent probably two years having a fucking buttload of sex. I think I had sex with it. When I worked it out, it ended up being one a week. So I had sex with about 100 people in two years and a whole ton of threesomes, metric fuck. Ton of amazing experiences. It was like, seriously, one of the most beautiful phases of my life. I love that phase and I will always be so unbelievably grateful for that phase of my life. I started getting towards, you know, like halfway through it, or two thirds of the way through it, and I was like Something's weird, like I'm now thinking about other goals, like I'm now thinking about relationships. I'm now thinking about, you know, money. I'm thinking why am I thinking about these things? I thought sex was the only thing that was ever going to be important to me and I was just gonna, you know, like there's me, you know little 30 year old Andy. God bless my soul. I would have been like 31. God bless my soul, thinking I was going to be 80 and still just chasing more sex. And I'll still be having sex at 80. I'll probably still be having sex with new partners. Will see, I don't even know. That's a complete guess. I couldn't fucking know. But I literally thought, as a 31 year old man, I thought, when I'm 80, I'm just gonna be like chasing sex every single week and I'm gonna be having sex with like one or two new sexual partners every single week. And it's like what about all the other things that you could explore in life? I don't want to go to the same restaurant every single day for the rest of my life and never try another restaurant ever again. Like I, that just wouldn't be exciting to me. And if it is exciting to you, like good, more power to you. You know my channel is very much about doing what you want, not about what is right or wrong or what I prescribe. I'm never gonna prescribe something, but I really did think that just having a lot of sex was gonna make me happy Forever, forever, and it made me deeply happy. But it was such a small it was. It was one piece of the puzzle, it was one fabric, one thread of the fabric, and so I had all of this sex and I was like, okay, what's next? What am I gonna work on next? And that's what I'm saying. We achieve big goals and then they're deeply satisfying and we're a better person for having gone through them. If you throw yourself into self improvement to get those goals, and as long as you try and be as honest as you can, you don't manipulate anyone to get to those goals. If you do manipulate and you're not into self improvement. Sometimes you achieve goals and it feels very shallow. That's sort of why I gently push everybody towards honesty and you know all of that kind of stuff making other people feel good and all that kind of stuff, you know, making sure that we don't push anyone to do something they don't want to do, all of that kind of shit. But you said a new goal and so that moment, all those moments where you're deeply happy and deeply satisfied with having achieved that goal, like I said, that's probably like 1%. If you're lucky, it's like 5% of the journey. For smaller goals, you know that don't take as long. Maybe the celebration, the payoff is like 10% of the journey and then 90% of it is like the unglamorous, the unsexy stuff, that the bit of like getting towards that goal. And there is beauty in that Work. I guess you would say it's not even work, it's like progress, this beauty in there. But you have to look for, or no, it's not even that. You have to look for it. It's right there in front of you. But we put up these walls, we put these, these foggy glasses on these. Foggy glasses being words like a phrase is like I'll be happy when I make my goal, when I hit my goal. I'm not happy with where I currently am. I suck right now and I shouldn't. I should be doing better than this that you not realizing how beautiful the debt, the journey is that you're on Right now. It's you being ungrateful for you not doing a purpose, but it's you being ungrateful for the current moment and I do this to. I'm not perfect with this stuff. I have stories all the time. I have a story right now when I pay off my big tax debt, I'll be super happy. You know, when I have 10,000 YouTube subscribers, I'll be super happy and, yes, I will be. I'll probably fucking cry when I hit those goals. Those goals are so unbelievably meaningful to me Because they were things I never thought possible. I didn't think even fucking five people would give a shit what I have to say. And now there's almost 6000 of you that have subscribed, and there's more on Spotify. There's like another 2000 on Spotify, and then there's something like 5000 people. Actually it's not that many anymore, it might be actually. There's like 3000. Also, people on my blog that read every single week Like that's it, that's so. I can't even fathom that and sometimes I literally my brain just breaks and I'll go check my YouTube comments or something, and there'll be like 50 comments that I haven't read yet and I'm like 50 people gave enough of a shit about what I have to say to write something. What the fuck? I'll check my emails. There's like 10 emails in there in a day and I'm like what the hell? Why 10 people like emailing me and some of them are like bro, I've changed my life. Thank you so much for your content. I'm like why, whoa, what the hell? I never thought this was possible, so I'm probably going to cry. When I hit 10,000 subscribers, I am probably definitely going to cry. Those two words shouldn't go together, should they? There is no shoulds. Do whatever you want, but probably and definitely those two words sound funny together. That is an oxymoron, which is where you put two words together that don't belong together and the opposite of that. For any of you nerd factoids out there is called a tautology, which is where you put the same. You put two words together that mean exactly the same thing, so you're just kind of repeating yourself, but I do that all the time. I love putting tautologies together, if you go back. Actually, okay, here's a fun exercise for you. I will give any of you a thumbs up if you can name any tautologies that I did in this video. I do it all the time. I'll give you an example. This one doesn't count, so you can't just comment this one, so comment below any tautologies I did, this one doesn't count. I always say things like, or I often say things like it's going to be beautiful, amazing. No, wait, those are adjectives. That doesn't count. Or I say it's going to be like absolutely unbelievably amazing. I just said the same thing twice, essentially Absolutely, unbelievably, actually. No, those aren't the same thing. This got really off the fucking rails. Welcome to Kill you. And a Loser I'm, andy. If this is your first time here, someone put that meme up. That goes first time here. I get off topic. The point is be okay with where you currently are, wherever that is on this journey. I am not necessarily where I would like to be with some of my goals, and yet I take a deep breath and say, yeah, but there's nowhere else I'd rather be than here. A friend or a mentor that I had back when I was in prison, when I was younger, when I was like 20, said to me because I basically said I'm really excited to finish this prison sentence. I was in there for six months and I said I'm really excited to finish this. And he said don't wish your life away, don't sit there and just wish that you were somewhere else. But here You're here now, you're in this prison. Make the most of it. And I was already making the most of it. But I was really glad that he said that to me because I was like God damn it, yeah. Yeah, I have often wished I could just hit the fast forward button on life and get to my destination. And it's like, if you did that, you're just going to keep doing that. You'll get to your destination, you'll celebrate, you'll be so excited and then, a week later, you'll hit the fast forward button again to get to your next destination. And you'll just keep hitting fast forward. And then, before you know it, you wake up and, holy shit, I'm an 80 year old man or an 80 year old woman. What did my life go? Well, you hit fast forward on 90% of it. You skipped all of the little moments and I'm telling you, as someone that has achieved some big goals, you know, financially, definitely sexually, with my body, with love oh my God, I thought that I would have well meet someone like Imogen and build something as beautiful as what we've built together for the last five and a half years. As someone who has reached these big goals, I'm telling you it is the little moments in between that mean more to me than the big goals. The big goals are beautiful, they're an amazing firework show, but I actually remember more of the little moments with my girlfriend Imogen. I remember all of the little walks where we go for a walk and we just talk about life, about our goals, about our relationship, about how we can improve things, about what we're excited for in the future, like what we're grateful for right now. It's those weekly check-ins that I do with her every single week. We go for a walk, we spend the entire day together. We don't do anything else but spend the day together and we just reflect on our relationship and we have a list of questions that we ask each other sort of like to keep each other accountable with our goals, but also to improve their relationship, to go a little deeper, to trust each other more and more. We're always kind of building that. I talk all the time that a relationship is like a garden and I recommend you constantly water it. And so it's those moments just sitting on a couch with her. It's the moments just listening to music and doing nothing but just playing with her hair. It's her just looking at me and smiling and me smiling back and nothing needs to be said. Sometimes we say something, sometimes we don't. It's all the moments you don't see on camera because I'm not going to show you those on camera. They're my moments and they're her moments. And with goals like sex, you might think it's oh wow, he had a threesome, he had a foursome, he had sex with two girls who were only fans, models, and oh my god, and oh my god, that's crazy. No, it's the gentle sex that I have with the girl that we're seeing right now. It's just cuddling with her and cuddling with the images and just talking. It's the gentle sex with images, where we just look into each other's eyes and have sex. It's the BDSM moments, but the really gentle, just nice ones, the normal ones. Those are the things that I remember. With money it's not. Oh my god. I set my price to $10,000 and this guy was the first person to sign up. That's amazing. Like this morning just going into the coaching group and just replying to people's posts and I don't need to say anything amazing. It's not some glamorous, flashy thing that someone did. You might think it's. Oh wow, the moments where this coaching client had sex with like 10 women in 10 weeks. That's insane. Or this woman overcame her depression and she's no longer suicidal and now she's getting married. Oh my god, I can't believe that, andy. It must be that moment that really stands out to you, right? No, because those moments were a small point in time. They were like 1% of the journey. That's why I don't remember them. I remember them if I think about them, I'm grateful for them. I say every day how grateful I am for them, but if you ask me to remember anything, it's the 99% in between, and that 99% in between is called the journey, another way of phrasing. That is, the present moment. And so, instead of stepping out of the present moment, instead of wishing that we were at a different destination, instead of wishing that we could just hurry up life and hit that fast forward button, what if we just be okay with being right here? And if you would like any more help with this, with concepts of bringing yourself back to the present moment, with any of your goals, with learning to love yourself, with learning to love the process, and not just wish that you were somewhere else and wish that you could jump to your destination, because I'm telling you, the journey is the beautiful part. I would love to help you with this. I have coaching right now. Like I said, we have three days left. If you sign up, you'll get my 18 weeks of coaching for the price of 12. Deal Link is in the description, but I would love to have you in the program, we'd love to have you in the program. Let's focus a little more on the present moment. That's, funnily enough, a big part of what the coaching is. You have no idea how many people come to the coaching saying I wish I could get to my goal and we go whoa, whoa, whoa, you're going to get to your goal. What if we enjoy the next 12 weeks or, in this case, the next 18 weeks? Again, if you sign up in the next three days and painful, what if we actually just enjoy right now? So let's all sort of make a commitment, make a promise that we won't keep hitting the fast forward button on life and that we'll be okay with just letting it play out at its own speed.

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