Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

I Did 365 Pieces of Content in 365 Days!

November 15, 2023 Andy Wells
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
I Did 365 Pieces of Content in 365 Days!
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and others, and here I went from depressed and suicidal to living a life of abundance and joy. If I can do it, you sure as hell can too. I have finished my 365 day project. So, if you're not familiar, a year ago I set out to do my third 365 day project, which is where I do something every single day for an entire year, and this year the rules were, or the idea I came up with was to do any piece of content, and I had to do it every single day, and the content that I could choose from was I could do an article, or I could do a podcast, or I could do a YouTube video or a YouTube short, or I could do a BDSM, like fancy photo shoot, like artwork, and I have the stats here in front of me of what I actually ended up doing. So I did 160 YouTube videos, 100 shorts, 84 podcasts, 14 articles and seven photos, and those stats are not really super correct. There was a hell of a lot of extra content that I recorded that I didn't end up counting as part of the 365 day project. So I had some pretty high standards for myself in this one, and if I wrote an article that was very short. I didn't really count that as part of the 365 day project, so I think I probably ended up doing around 450 pieces of content in the last year, but more than 365. And that's all I cared about. That's what I'm happy with. So how was the project? The project was a hell of a lot of fun. Was it a challenge? No, not really, not at all, not. After I've done three of these things and I gave myself some leeway, some wiggle room, that I didn't have to record something every day. I just had to publish something every day, and so I would record big amounts of content all at once. I would sometimes go like two or three weeks in a row and I'd record maybe I don't know on a lot of those days. I would record like five to ten pieces of content in a single day. Then I would do that for a few weeks and then I would kind of have like a month or two months where I would focus more on my coaching program and doing like video courses and the ebooks and stuff like that that we've made, and then I'd get back into content, record a huge bunch all at once, and so I kept a nice little spreadsheet so that I could make sure that I was on track and stuff like that. Technically, I have finished this project early. I think I'm like two weeks early, so you're actually hearing me record this ahead of time. But whatever, at the end of the day I got my 365 pieces of content out there a little more than that. I'm very happy. It was a fun project. As for why I did it in the first place was to give myself a nice little boost of motivation. Like I said, this is the third 365 day project I've done and it's nice to have that kind of daily mission or that purpose, that overarching theme for the next year of your life. You know what I mean. It's like I'm building this big portfolio of content. I'm working towards this, you know mission or this purpose. It's really nice and I've encouraged a lot of other people a lot of you to do a 365 day project if you want to, obviously, and lots of you have, and I've had people email me and tell me how their project is going. My friend, cam, just finished his 365 day project as well. One of the girls that Imogen and I are dating. She is just about finished her own project as well. I think she finishes in like three weeks, and so she's an absolute trooper for getting hers done as well. She did art. Every single day, she did a little piece of art, she would make things, she would paint things, she crafted like pottery and sketches and she drew napkins when she didn't have much time left in the day and, yeah, she did all sorts of like really cool stuff. So it's a fun concept and if it is something that any of you want to go and do, absolutely have at it. It really is. Especially, the first one I ever did really was like life changing for me, because it showed me like, holy shit, I can take action every single day for a year. That's insane, whereas now that concept is like yeah, of course I can. Like there's not really any days that I don't take any action anymore, but at the time when I first did my first one, which was back in 2012, I believe that was a novel concept to me the idea that I could do something every day for a year. That was like insane to me. So if this is something you'd like to take on yourself, absolutely go for it. You can make up your own rules. Like there are no real rules for this. You can say that you will do something every single day for a year, or you can do what I did, which is you give yourself permission to record a whole bunch at once, or do a whole bunch all at once, and then, as long as you've released one thing every single day, you're happy with that. So whatever rules you want to put in place, it's your project if you do want to do this, but it's brought me a lot of joy. I'm really glad I did it. I don't think I'll do another one anytime soon, but that's what I said after the last one. So who knows, maybe a year from now I'm onto the next one. But yeah, it's been a mission, it's been fun. I guess the title of this podcast is what is Next? Like now, what? Well, now I just keep making more content. At the moment, I'm on a big mission to pump out a bunch of content. Bring in some people for coaching, so I'm churning out like five to 10, let's say I'm averaging five pieces of content every single day. Right now I'm on a big binge of making content lots of podcasts, lots of YouTube videos, lots of shorts and articles. Pumping all of that out to bring some new people in pay those bills. And yeah, then after that I might work on the next video course or an e-book or something. I'm still pouring a lot of love into my coaching program as well, so I might focus on that. I do some videos and podcasts and things that are just for the people in the coaching program. We call those like members only videos, members only training stuff, so I might bang out a bunch of those. I have a few ideas in mind that I just need to sit down and record. I'm gonna keep going on this journey, keep working towards that love and that peace and that happiness and joy and all of that that I'm feeling every day now and spreading that to all of you and helping all of you in whatever possible way I can. So right now, a big mission is to pay the bills. We're getting a little low on money, if I'm honest, so that's the big push right now. And when I just like bang out a bunch of content, people come like if I just commit anytime, I commit to releasing one podcast every day, one YouTube video every day, a couple of shorts a week and a couple of articles a week, people come in within like a month of me banging all of that out. So that's the focus for right now Go hardcore with that and enjoy the process. You know what I mean? We've got Christmas coming up in the next month or two, I guess, maybe some longer term plans, if you guys care about that. It's not like you can talk back and tell me that you don't care about that, so you're gonna sit there and listen, you beautiful boys and you beautiful girls. But long-term, after that mission is to make enough to pay off the big tax debt that we have. We have about $50,000 left of that, so pay that off and then save up some money in the bank so we can actually not stress about money and give back as much as I possibly can. It's always been my mission from the very beginning with this community, with this content, with all of this, to give as much as I possibly can. You know I wanna get to a point, especially with money, where we have a little bit and we're not stressed about paying tax debts and stuff like that, and I have some cool plans for how I wanna use money. I think more than anything I wanna do like a little competition and it could probably be like a monthly competition, and what I would do is I would put it out there, put it out there to all of you and say you can basically apply to get some money. And I don't know what amounts like probably start with like $1,000 or something, and then we could slowly ramp that up. And, you know, maybe we give away $10,000 a month or something. Who knows, that's long-term. By the way, I have negative money right now, so this isn't gonna happen anytime super soon. But I would give away as much money as I possibly could to whoever has the best proposal for how they want to spend that money. And so that could be. I would leave it completely open-ended, like somebody could say hey, man, I want to spend this money on giving water to people in Africa, and here's my plan and here's my proof. I'm gonna put it towards that. And you know, if someone was gonna do something like that, I would donate the money. I wouldn't give it to them, I would like donated to wherever it needs to go. Or if somebody says listen, man, it's been my mission for the last like 20 years to. I've just always wanted to quit my job and start a business, and I'm so close to doing it, and 10 grand, or you know, I thought I would stop small select. A thousand dollars would mean. I think it's like the launching pad for me to quit my job and start my own business. Like you know, someone else might say hey man, I wanna spend that thousand dollars. I want to buy, you know, 50 roses, and I want to. Actually, those would be expensive roses, wouldn't they? I wanna buy a hundred roses and I wanna go out there and just hand them out to random people on the street and maybe I'll video one or two of them so you guys can see some of the reactions. But I would like to spend that money just putting smiles on people's faces. And so whoever came up with the most interesting and it would be my discretion, whoever came up with the most interesting proposal for that money for that month, I would pay pal them or bank transfer or whatever. Just send them the money and be like yeah, fuck, yeah, man, like, make it happen, go, make it happen. And so that's kind of like a long term plan that I have again. Right now we have about 50 thousand dollars in debt and I would really like to get that paid. That's sort of like a cloud over Not a cloud, but like I guess maybe a cloud is a good analogy feels like a cloud that's hanging over there, and so we'll get that paid off first. And then, yeah, I wanna start giving back, save a little bit of money first, but Save a bit and then start spending a bit. Maybe I'll start small and say whoever wants to, I'll give away a hundred dollars, and whoever has the best proposal for a hundred dollars can get it. Maybe we do that like once a month or something, but Right now that would be financially irresponsible. But, yeah, that's kind of one of the missions that I have. I guess, longer term than that, I wanna start traveling in. 2026 is the date that image and I have will probably go to america, will go to some countries in asia, probably move out of australia At some point but We'll see about that. At the very least will travel around and try living in different countries, cuz I'm, I'm, I live in a really right exist, in a really blessed existence right now, where I can essentially work from wherever the hell I want. You know what I mean like, and at the moment I'm not really taking advantage of that. All of my coaching calls are At home in the podcast room. I record everything here in this room that I'm sitting right now. But I could up and leave. You know I could work from anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world, I should say. So that's the mission for 2026. So Exciting things. I can't say those goals won't change, so don't hold me to those. You know it's very hard to predict what I'm gonna be doing three years from now. Stuff in my life changes so Unbelievably rapidly. You know, I can barely even predict one month from now. I don't even try anymore. I don't know who I will be one month from now. I don't know where I will be, but that, at least at this point in time, is what I am thinking. So, yeah, if you Would like any I don't know any assistance with your life, if you'd like me to get in there and build you the life that you want and all of that good shit, you know what to do. Ladies and gentlemen, there's links down below to coaching. You can hit me up for a one off, one on one coaching call or you can join a big coaching bro Excuse me coaching program. We also have the big video course that I just released, which you can pay $1 for it. If you want to pay a dollar for it, pay whatever you want. Links in the description to all of that. But I'm super grateful to you all for being here on this journey, with me being here on this 365 day project. It's been a hell of a lot of fun. I'm unbelievably grateful that you've been here. I'm unbelievably grateful to Cam and ed and taylor and the other coaches and everybody who's you know helped me pay the bills, essentially with coaching. I'm grateful to image and I'm grateful to my family, grateful to buy a kitty and david hawkins oh my god to my favorite authors right now. Grateful to life, grateful to the existence that we live in, grateful to the simulation that we're in. Thank you, illon musk, for building this fucking simulation. I really appreciate that. As always, ladies and gentlemen, got that. Crush those goals. Have fun doing it and you're a fabulous human being, whether you know it or not. I know it and that's all that matters, because I'm the most important person on the entire planet.

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